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Brexit: What will happen to EU nationals in the UK?

Ireland and the UK are member states of the European Union and as such, nationals of other EU member states have a right of free movement within the European Union. This right is also conferred on the EU nationals family members, allowing them a right to live and work in Ireland and/or the UK where the EU national is exercising treaty rights.

​There are various EEA/EU applications that can be made in Ireland and the UK. The main applications are; 

  • Family Permit
  • Residence Card 
  • Permanent Residence Card & Certificate
  • ​Retention of Rights Residence Card
  • Derivative Residence Card - Zambrano
  • Surinder Singh - UK

If you are considering making an application for a residence card in Ireland or the UK, or wish to make your residence permanent then contact one of our experienced Practitioners to receive your fully comprehensive assessment.

The UK remains a part of the EU until Article 50 has been triggered and the negotiations with other member states concluded, this may take two years. Residence rights will stay the same until then.

European Citizens:

A senior civil servant guaranteed that EU nationals who are permanent residents in the UK will automatically be allowed to stay in the country after Brexit - However, there are no guarantees to those who do not hold permanent residence.

If you have lived in the UK for 5 years or more then you may be entitled to apply for a permanent residence card, possibly securing your place in the UK.

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